High Quality China Factory BOPP Film CPP Film Printing Film

Application:Widely used in printing applicationFeatures:General gradeTransparent, non heat sealable                        One side corona treatmentExcellent ink adhesionTypical Values:PropertiesTest

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Widely used in printing application

General grade
Transparent, non heat sealable                        
One side corona treatment
Excellent ink adhesion

Typical Values:
PropertiesTest MethodUnitTypical value
Thickness VariationASTM-252-78%±3.0±3.0±2.5±2.0±1.5
YieldKincessm2/kg61.155.0 36.627.518.4
Tensile strengthMDASTM D-882MPa150150160145140
 TDASTM D-882MPa300300300280280
Elongation At BreakMDASTM D-882%170170170175180
 TDASTM D-882%5050555560
Friction CoefficientT/T-USASTM D-1894 0.350.350.350.350.35
 T/O-USASTM D-1894 0.400.400.400.400.40
Heat ShrinkageMDASTM D-1204% 4.04.0
 TDASTM D-1204% 2.02.0
HazeASTM D-1003 % 1.21.5
GlossASTM D-2457 9090909090
Wetting TensionASTM D-2578Dyn3838383838


Good Quality Chinese Factory BOPP Film CPP Film Printing Film


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