Marketing in the post-pandemic world – Why a 10x10 canopy tent is the marketer’s best friend -

2022-01-15 09:23:15 By : Ms. Doris Dan

Canopy tent – The COVID-19 pandemic shattered countless ambitions of marketers across the world. Countless pre-planned events had to be canceled. Corporate get-togethers have become a thing of the past. Seminars have been completely replaced by webinars and digital conferencing. 

Social distancing will be the norm even in the post-pandemic world. That’s why marketers need to reshape their experiential marketing strategies. Real-life interactions and face-to-face brand experiences will still be important tools for marketers in the post-pandemic world.

But, marketers need to optimize their budgets and pick cost-effective marketing tools that create the most impact. A canopy tent is such an amazing marketing tool that has caught the attention of many forward-thinking chief marketing officers. These experts have recognized that canopy tents are ideal for engaging their audiences for various reasons. 

Some of them include – 

Setting up socially distant meetups

The importance of bringing target audiences together has not diminished. Marketers must continue to bring together people, be it virtually or physically. If marketers want to launch physical meetups, they need to create facilities where socially distanced groups can interact freely without any fears of contracting the disease.

A standard 10×10 canopy tent is ideal for setting up such meeting zones for target consumers. A canopy tent will typically cover a 100 sq. ft. area. Its arrangement and setup can be easily customized. A stand-up canopy tent can easily house ten to fifteen people at a time. 

Overall, 10×10 custom tents allow marketers to set up socially distant meet-up zones for their target consumers. Visitors can participate in all event activities in a socially distant manner. Using these tents to bring people together and give them meaningful shared experiences can help brands boost their market value. 

Several companies have halted their marketing efforts. In such an environment, businesses that invest in high-quality canopy tents can gain significant edges. They can use these tents to interact with target audiences at trade shows, events, political events, etc. This direct contact with target customers (without endangering their safety) helps companies differentiate their brands.

It’s very easy to maintain safety and cleanliness protocols inside these spacious tents. Social distancing rules are also easier to follow inside these custom canopy tents. Marketers can print attractive brand logos, messages, and designs on their tents. The customers will associate the brand name with cleanliness and safety. 

Plus, these tents are extremely easy to transport. So, marketers can carry these tents from one spot to another, attracting as many target customers to their brands across multiple locations.

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