Extreme Canopy’s ‘New Year’s Clearance Sale’ to Continue till January-End

2022-01-15 09:17:37 By : Ms. Ivy Shaw

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (PRWEB) January 14, 2022

Extreme Canopy, one of the United States’ most prestigious manufacturers & retailers of shading solutions, has announced that its ‘New Year’s clearance sale’ will continue till the end of January. This year, the company’s complete range of canopy tents of various sizes, functionalities, and end uses are included in the sale.

Extreme Canopy is also offering discounts on high-quality custom canopies, a significant departure from its stance in recent years.

Custom canopies are in high demand across the US as more businesses open up amidst expectations that the economy will grow faster than it did in 2020-’21. Experts are cautiously optimistic ever since the Covid-battered economy recovered in 2021’s Q3, expanding by 33.8%.

Extreme Canopy’s clearance sale also includes event flags, banners, and portable promotional provisions.

Two of the company’s bestselling canopy tent series- the X5 ‘Explorer’ and the X7 ‘Tectonic’- will now retail at discounted prices. Indeed, the company claims that several of their most popular products will retail at “their lowest-ever prices” till the end of January.

A spokesperson for Extreme Canopy stated: “We strongly believe that our clients have enormous faith in our products and services. It is true that we will be expecting return customers during this period. That said, we are confident that our clearance sale will also attract those who have been interested in procuring these products, but who might have been turned off or intimidated by the price tags. As a premium brand, we put in everything we have in engineering our products, which sometimes does make some of the most niche products expensive.

When asked about the most premium products which will be part of the New Year’s sale, the spokesperson continued: “Unlike other years, we have subsumed our X5 and X7 ranges to provide a plethora of options. Our X5 ‘Explorer’ family’s 10′ X 10′ heavy-duty steel canopies are now retailing for $395 instead of the usual $545. That’s a 30% discount. Other sizes of the Explorer series are also on offer at significantly marked-down prices. Likewise, our high-end X7 ‘Tectonic’ range will be available starting at just $1025 for the 10’x10’ variant. This is the smallest model of this range; the larger ones too have been priced attractively.”

Besides these products, essential accessories including steel stakes, down ropes, and heavy-duty protective covers for canopy tents of all sizes will be available at discounted prices.

“This sale will level the playing field. We are expecting a robust response to this year’s event, especially given that much of the country was locked down due to the pandemic. Clients will also be glad to know that high-quality canopy tent accessories are also on sale. These include side walls, chip wheels, sandbags and weight plates. Shipping is free for all these products across the United States,” the spokesperson concluded.

In related news, this year too, the company is making continued efforts to manufacture medical isolation tents and temporary triage shelters and tents en masse. The move comes against the backdrop of the spiraling cases of omicron infections.

Extreme Canopy has also applied for patents on 2 different types of ‘Rapid Deployment Inflatable Isolation Modules’, designed to help hospitals and nursing homes manage and overcome the inevitable surge in hospitalizations.

At the moment, many European countries are already under heavy alert with hundreds of airlines cancelling their flights due to poor demand. Given this context, it is only a matter of time before America too undergoes severe shortages in intensive care beds, ventilators and quarantine space.

Contact details: Call: 888-201-1968/844-243-6981 Websites: https://www.extremecanopy.com/ https://www.extremecanopy.com/inflatable-tents/medical-tent/

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